Number Agenda Start Date End Date Details
1 The Agenda of the meeting of Multi-stakeholders forum 1399-09-05 1399-09-05 Details
2 The agenda of the meeting of women’s empowerment national plan finalization Details
3 The agenda of the meeting of multi-stakeholder forum Tuesday, October 27, 2020 1399-08-06 1399-08-06 Details
4 The agenda of the decision-making meeting about the national registration system and complaints handling under the leadership of the general directorate of administrative office of the president, with the technical cooperation of the ministry of communica Details
5 The agenda of the meeting about reviewing the complaints systems of the entities/ministries Details
6 The agenda of the coordination meeting between the committed entities in the national action plan-2, and NSIA on systematization Details
7 The agenda of the reporting and decision-making meeting of the committed entities Details
8 Meeting to start implementing commitments of the national action plan-2 1398-10-28 1398-10-28 Details