General Assembly

Number Name Job Organization Organization Objectives Email Phone No Images
1 Ab. Subhan Raouf Deputy Chief of Staff- Policy, Monitoring and Investigation Office of the President Office of Chief of Staff to the President +93 72 900 1921 , 020214730
2 M. Qasem Halimi Deputy Minister of Technical Affaires Ministry of Justice , m.q.ha 0797955073
3 Naheed Sarabi Deputy Minister of Policy Ministry of Finance , nahe 0780414717
4 Hosna Jalil Deputy Minister of Policy and Strategy Ministry of Interior 0771682020
5 Sayed Mahobulla Rabani Deputy Minister for Policy and Programs Ministry of Mines and Petroleum 0708127037 , 0781630534
6 Sayed Hussain Agha Sancharaki Deputy Minister of Publication Ministry of Information and Culture 0711001200
7 Yama Torabi Director Special Anti-Corruption Secretariat 8522222
8 Wahiduddin Arghoon Deputy Attorney General for Finance and Administration Affaires Attorney General Office 0752102771
9 Spozhmai Wardak Deputy Minister of Policy and Technical Affairs Ministry of Women’s Affairs 0700232828
10 Timor Sharan Deputy Minister of Policy and Technical Affairs Independent Directorate of Local Governance 0790690003
11 Zohoruddin Shirzada Deputy Minister of Private Sector Development Ministry of Commerce and Industries 0778808877
12 Mohamad Ishaq Noorzai Head of Secretariat National Security Council 0700446744 , 0700101244
13 Rahimullah Ghalib Deputy Secretary General for Policy and Technical affairs Wolesi Jirga (House of People) 0791158447
14 Timorshah Qawim Deputy Secretary General for Policy and Technical affairs Moshrano Jirga (Upper House) 0780022300
15 M. Musa Mahmoodi Executive Director Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission 1111111111
16 Fetratullah Farhat Director of Policy and Planning Department Supreme Court 0700222398
17 Zia Ah. AbdulRahimzai Secretary General Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission 0700215378
18 Ziaullhaq Haqpal Representative (CSOs) Afghanistan Cultural and Languages Cooperation and Development National Foundation +93770075081
19 Ab. Wadood Afghan Representative (CSOs) Afghan Youth Civic Network +93700249303
20 Naser Timory Representative (CSOs) Integrity Watch Afghanistan (IWA) +93794610003
21 Aimal Abdullah Representative (CSOs) Afghan Cultural Associations Joint Jirga +93798901223
22 Sayed Hameed Zia Representative (CSOs) Hamida Barmaki Organization for Rule of Law (HBORL) +93790014425
23 Khan Agha Ahmadzai Representative (CSOs) Relief Humanitarian Development Organization (RHDO) +93777792770
24 M. Shoaib Nasiri Representative (CSOs) Organization of Fast Relief and Development (OFRD) +93700252138
25 Lutfullah Safi Representative (CSOs) Association of Afghanistan Universities +93700278597
26 M. Asif Safi Representative (CSOs) Fair Law Organization for Women (FLOW) +93793868687
27 Sayed Abdullah Ahmadi Representative (CSOs) Afghanistan Democracy and Development Organization (ADDO) +93700294693
28 Ab. Malik Rahmani Representative (CSOs) Afghan Development Association (ADA) +93799209873
29 Mariam Safi Representative (CSOs) Organization for Policy Research and Development Studies (DROPS) +93705313121
30 Ataullah Weesa Representative (CSOs) Civil Society Organization +93708000926
31 Mahmooda Taqwa Representative (CSOs) Coordination of Afghan Relief (COAR) +93700286774
32 Shafiqullah Atayi Representative (Private Sector) Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries 0799025023
33 Shafiullah Naeemi Representative (Academic Institution) Afghanistan Private Universities Union 0700035131
34 Roshan Sirran Representative (CSOs) Training Human Rights Association for Women (THRA) +93700286774