OGPA Forum Approves Commitments for OGPA National Action Plan

28 Oct 2017

Abdul Subhan Raouf , deputy chief of staff for the president on Policy, Monitoring and Evaluation and chairman of General Forum of OGPA chaired the first meeting of the forum in which 10+1 commitments of OGPA National Action Plan were approved.

In this meeting, policy and plan deputies of ministries and independent offices as well as other relevant civil and private institutions discussed 14 presented commitments to be incorporated in NAP and finally approved 10+1 commitments.

Civil society organizations and policy and plan directors of ministries and independent offices had earlier convened several meetings to prepare NAP which resulted in presenting 24 commitments that will be incorporated in NAP. The OGPA General Forum during its 3-day session on 14-16 October 2017, confirmed 14 commitments among the ones presented and recommended. 

During the meeting, the policy and plan deputies of ministries and offices briefed on their commitments and answer the questions in this regard. As a result, the general forum approved 10+1 commitments which are listed as below:

1.Revision and Implementation of public partnership mechanism in evaluation process;

2.Revision of the Law on Processing Manner, Publication and Enforcement of Legislative Documents;

3.Establishment of special courts for addressing the crimes related to violence against women in 12 provinces;

4.Development of Public and Police Partnership Councils;

5.Preparation of a plan for establishing of accreditation organization on providing health services in the country and its implementation

6.Preparation of national policy of Urban Rehabilitation and Improvement

7.Registration, publication and scrutiny of 100 high-rank state officials’ assets 

8.Establishment of joint committee of government and civil society organizations for monitoring the implementation of National Anti-Corruption Strategy

9.Preparation of the plan for monitoring of civil society on quality and transparency of education and higher studies

10.Preparation of the plan for protection of women in time of war and state of emergency

11.Preparation of the mechanism for strengthening of Access to Information Units in 59 government offices (additional commitment)

The commitments, after receiving approval from the cabinet, will be incorporated in the first OGPA National Action Plan and will be implemented within two years.