The meeting of the multi-stakeholder forum was held in the presidential palace

15 Mar 2021


The meeting of the multi-stakeholder forum was held under the chairing of Mohammad Ibrahim Tamil, the deputy of policy, Audit, and investigation of the office of the chief of staff to the president and the director of the multi-stakeholder forum of OGP with the participation of MSF members on Monday, March 15, 2021, in the presidential palace.

At the outset of the meeting, Mohammad Ibrahim Tamil, welcomed participants and presented short information about the implementation of commitments of the national action plan-2, and praised the committed entities' efforts, and thanked the civil society organizations' cooperation in this regard.

Secondly, representatives of committed entities presented their reports about the implementation of the commitments, and then the representatives of the civil society also proposed their opinions and suggestions to the meeting.

During the mentioned meeting, the OGP celebration week plan also was presented, which will be celebrated by the members of OGP yearly, from May 17 up to 21. At the end, the participants suggested their propositions and corrective ideas for the purpose of enrichment of the mentioned plan.

It is mentionable, OGP celebration week plan has been prepared by the OGP secretariat and will be shared with the members of MSF to find opinions and enrichment by email.