Convening the first session of High Council of Women under the chairmanship of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani

28 Feb 2021

According to the national action plan-2 of Open Government Partnership of Afghanistan, the first session of High Council of Women is being held in Arg, chaired by His Excellency President Ashraf Ghani, at 28th February, 2021 (10th – Hoth, 1399).

Her Excellency the first lady expressed her gratitude to the president for establishment of the High Council of Women and said, “Establish of this High Council proves that the government is committed to support women and this great step will facilitate women’s role in decision-making stage” added that the establishment of the High Council of Women is a historic move which will extend access of women in the government leadership.

The Acting Minister of the Women Affairs has presented detailed report to the president about their consultative meetings with women about High Council’s upcoming activities. Also mentioned that the High Council of Women is established following the presidential decree Nu (55), date 1399/05/22, for the purpose of implementation of our commitments to international community and to address women’s social, financial, political, cultural and judiciary challenges.

The opinion and suggestions of women’s from provinces about High Council of Women has been presented by Ms. Sarah Serat.

The Deputy of Directorate of the Cohesion of High Councils present action plan of High Council, which was developed in close coordination with the Ministry of Women Affairs, Office of the First Lady and Ministry of Justice. The action plan contain 14 chapter and 28 articles.

In conclusion, after hearing all comments and reports of participants H.E. President congratulated everyone for convening the first session of the High Council of Women successfully and called this step as a great achievement.

He said, at present the Afghan women are able to represent themselves and this High Council will raise their voice more strong and clear. Previously the women role was not equal as a men, but now we urge the key role of Afghan women with equal citizen rights as a men, which is an absolute principle of the Afghanistan constitution. 

The High Council of Women was one of the commitments of the national action plan-2 at OGP Afghanistan.