OGPA Introduction

The government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met 88% of the required criteria, and obtained membership in the Open Government Partnership on 18 Qawos, 1395 (08 December, 2016). The government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan obtained four points in transparency, four points in access to information, two points in securing citizen engagement, and four points in public officials asset disclosure (registering the wealth of civil service personnel and high-ranking government officials) for a total of 14 points out of 16 points. After attaining membership, the government opened the secretariat of the Open Government Partnership in the office of the Chief of Staff to the Afghan President. 

The Secretariat of Open Government

The secretariat of Open Government is responsible for providing necessary facilities for the Government of Afghanistan to implement the commitments according to the OGP guidelines. The secretariat not only provides inputs during the establishment of OGP and codification of an Action Plan, but also provides support during the implementation of the Action Plan.

The Open Government Partnership Forum of Afghanistan

The Open Government Partnership Forum of Afghanistan has been established based on the ordinance no. (171) dated 10 Meezan, 1396 (02 October, 2017) of the President of Afghanistan. This Forum is comprised of 34 members, of which 17 are from government and the remaining 17 are from non-government organizations. The 17 government members include deputy ministers and other officials in the planning and policy units of government institutions. The 17 non-government members include 15 representatives from civil society, one representative from the private sector and one representative from an academic institution. The civil society representatives are elected and introduced by the “Selection Committee”, elected democratically from amongst the civil society organizations. This committee prepared the membership applications and advertised it for a fourteen days period. After receiving 26 applications, 15 representatives were selected and introduced for the membership of the Open Government Partnership Forum. The Open Government Partnership Forum of Afghanistan entails the General Assembly, Administrative Board and seven Working Groups.

The General Assembly is the highest body of decision making of Open Government Partnership Forum of Afghanistan. Its mandate is to develop, monitor and implement the “National Action Plan.” The Administrative Board is mandated to carry out administrative affairs of the Forum and the implementation of its decisions.

The details of the working groups of the Open Government Partnership Forum are as the following:

  1. Rule of Law;
  2. Governance and Financial Management;
  3. Human Resources Development;
  4. Infrastructure Development; 
  5. Security, Peace and Reintegration;
  6. Agriculture and Rural Development; and
  7. Private Sector Development.

It is noteworthy that the Open Government Partnership Forum of Afghanistan was officially inaugurated by His Excellency, the President of Afghanistan on Meezan 11, 1396, ( 03 October, 2017 ) with the participation of cabinet members, parliamentarians, foreign ambassadors and the special representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations for Afghanistan.